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Your Quality Control System for Better Compliance Management

Quality Port™: Your Quality Control System for Better Compliance Management

Importers of consumer goods into the USA have a big responsibility – and a big challenge facing them each day.

Overseeing the purchasing and importing of consumer products is tough. There’s quality control, safety and regulatory compliance management, plus many other important tasks to consider.

A lot of these responsibilities involve product inspecting, safety testing, and auditing factories to ensure they are fulfilling all necessary obligations. This lets importers know the shipping process is in line with all legal, industry, and consumer regulations.

Managing quality, compliance, and relationships with good suppliers (and 3rd party providers) can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve developed a cutting-edge quality and compliance software that simplifies and streamlines these processes.

Meet Challenges with Holistic Purchasing Management Software

Importing is a complex business because there are so many groups involved in the process.

Complex supply chains include multiple parties who source, manufacture, and ship your product. It can also include 3rd parties who specialize in performing product and shipment inspection and factory auditing services to make sure your entire supply chain and all your products are in compliance with the rules.

Quality and safety compliance management isn’t just about getting reports. Reports without capturing data is missing the boat.  Proper protocols for storing and maintaining data can provide a wealth of information.

This includes:

  • Safety and Compliance Validation: Are your suppliers, factories, shipping containers, and warehouses maintained according to all applicable regulations?
  • Product Inspection Documenting: Monitoring, managing, and compiling data from various inspection report formats and from various providers and their programs.
  • Statistical Recordkeeping: Statistics are an asset to any business – logging information correctly is important for making sure it can be used to understand activities and trends.

As we can see, consumer product importers have plenty to keep up with. Why not simplify things with an all-in-one, all-purpose safety compliance and quality control system?

Quality Port™ is designed to eliminate the hassle and complications associated with purchasing management, regulatory compliance management and quality control across your entire supply chain

With fewer programs and formats to constantly go back and forth between, parties throughout the shipping network can make their workflow highly efficient and streamlined.

How Does Quality Port™ Help You?

The main pain-point quality and compliance managers face in terms of data management is the massive volume of data – in many different formats.

The business has always been very document and data-heavy, and even though things have gone digital, there are still complications present. Quality Port™ simplifies things by offering users a holistic tool. It’s software as a service – a web-based portal that offers more flexibility and control.

As a highly customizable and cloud-integrated compliance platform, Quality Port™ makes it easy for all nodes of the supply chain network to log, review, and exchange data. Uniformity in file formats and program interfaces makes daily operations easier to accomplish, saving everyone time and money.

Let’s examine a few aspects of the platform to see exactly how it performs and what advantages it offers to users:


Importers, suppliers, and inspectors must all maintain their privacy to form a supply chain that is truly safe and productive. Quality Port’s system is password protected to ensure only authorized parties can use it.

Users can also assign rights and permissions, using protected views when necessary. There’s even a feature that allows back-ups to be created in the event of a data dump. Whether it’s unauthorized parties or accidental data loss you’re worried about, this system has you covered.


International procurement is a complex field, and that’s why custom reporting is a core feature of Quality Port™. Users can export their reports in multiple formats and manage all their data (both text and images) in a single centralized location for quick retrieval.

Additional features include material management monitoring, 3rd party order processing, laboratory testing results and reports, compliance certifications, and more. There are plenty of ways to use this software, and all of them are focused on simplifying quality management AND regulatory compliance.


Our web-based management system is the only software you need – there’s nothing else to download. You can access the system anytime, anywhere, 24-7 to make sure you’re never separated from your business or your data.

There’s also real-time reporting so you can always get the most up-to-date information and turn-key features for easily managing permissions within a shipping network.

Simplify Your Purchasing Management with Quality Import Software

Shippers used to spend countless hours trying to convert, compare, and calculate between the different formats their inspection team, laboratory and suppliers used. Now Quality Port™ has made things easier and opened companies up to new possibilities for streamlined workflows.

Importers in the USA can now get all the information they need through this all-purpose quality control system.

The benefits are easy to see. Importers, suppliers, and 3rd parties alike can now focus on their core operations rather than trying to get on the same page with their data logging/reporting.

A uniform compliance and quality system promotes and augments an efficient supply chain – and with Quality Port™, uniformity in data management has never been easier.