From domestic to global procurement tasks, there are many elements in the supply chain.

Getting goods from one place to another isn’t as simple as pack and ship – this is especially true when it comes to consumer products.

There are a lot of things to keep track of, including how well your supply chain is following regulations regarding consumer product safety compliance, and meeting your quality requirements and shipping schedules. 

Traditionally, this oversight has been performed by 3rd parties – but is this method becoming obsolete? Is the supply chain about to lose one of its longest enduring nodes?

The Historical Role of 3rd Parties in Import Management

Every business must manage its relationships carefully. But no matter how much research a company does, there are times when they may be unsure about the suppliers they’re working with.

The solution here has always been to work with a trusted 3rd party who can perform factory auditing, product and shipment inspection, and safety compliance testing services on your behalf and cost. These groups would be responsible for creating reports – but not the input of report data into a system that importers could use.

However, with platforms like Quality Port™, importers and their supply chain can utilize the same platform together and coordinate their efforts. But does this mean there is no need to have 3rd parties in the picture any longer?

Why Quality Port Can Be Used with 3rd Parties

We know that not all suppliers can be completely trusted when it comes to providing consistently reliable information about your purchase orders. And while 3rd party involvement in the process can be reduced substantially with our platform, what remains can also be simplified.

You can still work with your 3rd parties, now more smoothly than ever thanks to our platform. These groups can use the system as well, providing greater efficiency between all parties within the supply chain.

Maintaining quality control and simplifying the management of consumer product and safety compliance data in your global supply chain have never been easier.